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WRL’s Food Photography Challenge

The WRL Food Photography Contest has arrived! Our four photographers here are going head to head, each capturing different spreads of delicious cuisine to be named the winner of this WRL Contest. They each spent a half day shooting and working with our food stylist, legendary chef Jon Molnar, then each photographer edited their collection and was tasked with choosing the three images he or she thinks best showcases our Food Photography services.

On social media, we posted each and encouraged our Facebook audience to vote for their favorite photo to help us choose the winning photograph of some seriously appetizing dishes. We are using the hashtag #WRLContest so be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram and participate!

Please vote for your favorite photo here by November 16!


Check out the collection of food pics below from WRL’s talented photography team. Then be sure to visit our Photography Portfolio to see how we tell the story of our clients’ brands through photography!

It’s Wedding Season at WRL

Wedding bells are in the air around WRL! Since June, the office has been abuzz with a travel story turned engagement, wedding ceremonies near and far, and a marriage ordainment. In this feature, we’re sharing our stories of happiness and cherished memories! 


Joannie Good, Honeymooner

For me and my husband, our wedding had a lot to do with symbolism. Neither one of us was looking for a large ceremony, we just wanted something intimate and meaningful. We were very fortunate to have four of our children in our wedding party. Our wedding ceremony was held in the same church in which my grandparents got married 80 years earlier right next to my family’s property in West Virginia. I will cherish the memories of that night for the rest of my life.


Matt Nist, Newlywed

My wife, Francesca, did an amazing job planning our day throughout our engagement and the amount of work she put into it showed on October 14 (and yes, I’m giving her all the credit there!). From her color choices to all the decorations, many of which she did herself, everything was perfect. The ceremony was at St. Colman Catholic Church in Cleveland, which is a beautiful and historic church, and the reception was at Music Box Supper Club on the West Bank of the Flats in Cleveland. We couldn’t have asked for better weather and our guests were able to enjoy the band at the reception both inside and outside on the riverfront deck. It was just an incredible day. As for the honeymoon, we took what we called a “mini-moon” to Sea Island and St. Simons Island, Georgia for 5 days, with our official honeymoon to the Caribbean to come in February.


Olivia Tharp, Bride-to-be

It was a whirlwind. In lieu of Christmas presents, this past year my long-term then-boyfriend, Joe and I decided to book a trip to Iceland for the following June. Our departure date came and after 40 hours of sleepless travel, we trekked to Reykjavík’s city center, dropped off our luggage and made our way to the beautiful Hallgrímskirkja Church in the middle of town. There, he got down on a knee and gave me one of the biggest surprises and one of the best memories I have received in our nine years together. It’s been one wild ride, but there’s one thing we know for certain, life together has been and always will be our favorite adventure.



Jayson Shenk, License to Wed

My friends wanted to get married with a simple ceremony with family and friends. They didn’t have a really large budget and when the groom called me, originally asking if I would design their wedding invitations, and also ending up asking, “would you do the ceremony too?” I agreed and since I’m already ordained by a recognized church, I just had to apply for a state license to solemnize marriages. Their ceremony was simple – they exchanged their vows, the families loved it and there were even a few laughs.

Extreme Office Makeover

WRL Rebrands its Conference Rooms

First impressions are everything. Our clients know and trust that WRL will always deliver high quality and innovative work from our expert team – a team who is dedicated to maintaining strong, long lasting customer relationships. However, while we have always put our clients and their project work first, as a result, our office space fell to the back burner. But here’s the good news – we’re finally prioritizing ourselves as well as our customers, and have made some big changes around here.

No more are the dated orange conference room chairs and blank white walls thanks to the WRL Interior Design Team led by resident creative director, Norio Saneshige. We completely revamped our home away from home and are excited to show it off.

Norio explains how he came up with the key design themes throughout, “My theme for our interior redesign was modern, clean and inviting with a touch of mid-century design flair to reflect our WRL brand. One of the many unique things about WRL is that we have our own interior design team within the agency. Each team member came up with ideas and I helped coordinate them all to fit the overall theme of the space, thus, it was a collaborative effort. We had so much fun picking out the wall colors then painting and selecting furniture as well as the pieces of décor. We are very proud to call it our own.”

The project began a little over a year and a half ago, first bouncing ideas off each other at the creative conceptual stage and then progressing all the way to the finished product you see here. As of July 2017, our collective dreams of a modern space finally came to fruition!

When you first enter, both of the rooms feel even more bright, positive and inviting in person. Furthermore, an area in the main conference room worth significant mention is the back wall. Nestled between two modern lamps and expertly crafted abstract artwork of Stark County’s railways and industrial photography by WRL’s finest, is an illuminated showcase of our agency’s awards. While remarkable, our awards aren’t the first thing to catch your eye in that case – it’s the ephemeral, multi-colored lights that captivate your attention. Their vibrant shades of blue, red, purple, green, white, yellow, etc. are a perfect metaphor to what and who we are as an agency. We’re bright, loud, unique and eclectic, but can be both timeless and enduring at will.

We highlight our different colors in our diverse skillsets, but we also are chameleons who morph to any challenge and to our clients’ needs. We come together to form a beautiful kaleidoscopic of humans and creative thought. Our team is unlike any other you’ll encounter, and that’s the remarkability of how we thrive. The vibrant collaboration, the eclectic company culture and the enduring effort each and every employee puts into his or her work is what makes us, us. At WRL, you’ll gain a loyal partner in your career and perhaps a new friend in life.

While the final design didn’t come without some passionate discussions, we’re happy to say that we’re extremely pleased with the finished product. We hope you will be too! So come see us in our rebranded office and let us Think.Create.Design. for you. Contact us today!

WRL & Pathway Partner for the Giving [Tree] Season


This holiday season, WRL employees will give back to local children through the Pathway Caring for Children’s annual giving tree program. A giving tree – adorned with snowflake tags, each including a child’s name, age and a suggested gift – is on display in the WRL entrance. Members of the WRL team can choose a tag and provide a gift for a child based on his or her wishes.

WRL clients and community members are invited to join us in this gift giving effort. Those interested are encouraged to stop by our office and choose a name off the giving tree and donate a gift for a child. Gifts will be collected at WRL and delivered to Pathway where members of our team will help wrap. Pathway associates will then give the gifts to the children who not only appreciate the gift, but are often most grateful to know they are loved and thought of throughout the holiday season.

Pathway Caring for Children is a non-profit social service agency that provides foster care, adoption and mental health services to over 600 children and families in the northeast Ohio community each year.

Giving back to the community is important to our team. Here’s a look at what WRL staffers have planned this holiday season. James, Director of Motion Graphics, will volunteer with his children at the Stark County Humane Society and also donate new coats to an Akron family who lost all belongings in a fire. Jacquie, Public Relations Director, and her family are volunteering at St. John’s Food Pantry, and Nathan, SEO Specialist, volunteers at his church’s holiday festival. Joannie, Office Manager, and her family buy gifts to fill shoe boxes to send to children in third-world countries as part of her church’s initiative, and Steve, Senior Account Executive, and his family host a 5K race, the Frosty Frolic, that raises money for Hammer & Nails, a local ministry that assists disadvantaged Stark County homeowners with home and property repairs.